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TABS (Talk About Your Business Safely)

The T.A.B.S Project is a social outreach initiative, which is a department of The Ashe Company that provides free services such as HIV/STI Testing and Counselling, Psychosocial Support Services and Referrals, Edutainment Interventions, and Empowerment and Self-Development Trainings.

The T.A.B.S (Talk About your Business Safely) Project was created and launched in 2011, and was originally a text line where disenfranchised youth and members of vulnerable populations could text counsellors to ask questions and talk about issues affecting them in their sexual and reproduction health. This was to support the work Ashe was doing under social behaviour change projects in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Wellness, funded by International donors such as the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and Global Fund, where it was found that young people weren’t actively being given information on these subject matters in the school education system.

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Every Monday at @6pm, join us on youtube @theashecompany for TABS TALK LIVE. Where we discuss issues affecting our youths today. With topics surrounding relationships, health, sex, and many more get ready to be educated and entertained in the best way possible to spend a Monday evening!

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Our Mission

To inspire and thereby, empower all people, exclusive of none.


- GET -

Vaccinated is a key mandate considering the status of the current pandemic. Through educating and vaccination of Jamaicans, we intend to aid the government in fulfiling their goal of herd immunization

-GET -

Focusing on the development and preservation of the mind and body. Education focusing on the facts and myths of living healthy and maintaning healthy practices in and out the bedroom.

- GET -

Teaching and reminding the population of effective condom use is paramount in most if not all T.A.B.S social efforts.


Human Rights Day Initiative

On December 10th, The ASHE Company launches two edutainment videos in recognition of International Human Rights Day. The event included partners from civil society, Universities, Government, and International Development Partners and saw the launch of two edutainment videos produced by ASHE. 'Do Supm Yout.' and 'The Rights of a Child.'

Safer Sex Week Outreaches

February 14-18 2022, signaled the timeline for Safer Sex Week. This is where we encourage people to GET SNATCHED, GET VAXXED, and GET WRAPPED. The week consisted of outreach activities to meet our target audience for testing and vaccination. We visited places such as March Pen, University of the West Indies, Montego Bay, and Westmoreland among others.

Garvey and Reggae - An Unforgettable Experience.

The ASHE ensemble performed at the USA-JAMAICA Garvey and Reggae in Miramar, Florida on March 1, Tuesday 2022. The locals and diaspora came out and supported an evening of celebration for the life of Marcus Garvey and our culture of Reggae.

Our Key Partners and Doners

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