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Otaheite Foundation

Otaheite Foundation

The Ashe Company

The Ashe Otaheite Foundation

During its 25 years of existence the Ashe Company has honed its niche area and has developed its capacity as a major player in both the Cultural/Creative Enterprise of the Caribbean. As Ashe continues to grow, it has begun expanding to builds its Otaheiti Kingdom- a culturally rich creative enterprise for the global marketplace by using multiple creative and media platforms.

Inspired by the iconic brands of Apple and Disney, Ashe has styled its internal motivational force ‘The Otaheiti Kingdom’- a heavy hint at the Jamaican ‘Apple’ (Mac) appeal crossed with the multifaceted Disney Magic ‘Kingdom’ enterprise. Ambitious and daring but quite in line with our now 25 year old company whose mantra for students at school performances throughout the 90’s into the 2000’s was “Dream Big! Think Big! Act Big!’

Through the Foundation the company seeks to continue to make its international mark in the performing arts and to continue to inspire and empower persons across the world.